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Preliminary survey results delayed

The past month has been a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Although I have no idea what the new normal is, or when we will know it has arrived, there are encouraging signs everywhere about people helping each other through this situation. Those signs help make me even more hopeful about the future.

The COVID-19 situation has affected everyone’s lives and work in some way, and my own work is no exception. Originally I planned to distribute the summary of preliminary results from the recently completed survey last week. Unfortunately that summary will not be available until later in May. I’ll be distributing the summary document to participants via email and posting word of it here.

Please stay safe.




Living Wage Policy Study – Data collection for Phase 2 and 3 data is underway

We’ve begun collecting data for Phase 2 Living Wage Policies) and Phase 3 (Living Wage Practices) of the Living Wage Policy Study. I’m personally sending an email to the Chief Human Resource Officer of every four year public and private non-profit college and university in the 50 states and DC, inviting them to participate in the study and to benefit from participating by receiving our research results in advance of their publication.

The survey takes no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. All invitations to participate in the survey are sent from my email: weidner@sju.edu. The survey is hosted on Qualtrics (qualtrics.com), and invitees are provided a secure link to the survey.

Based on participants’ survey responses, institutions with living wage policies are asked to submit their institution’s policy (if you wish, we’ll redact all identifications of your institution), while institutions with living wage practices are asked to be interviewed (about 30 minutes) about their practices. For either phase of the study, institutions will not be identified in our research results and reports.

If you are a CHRO and haven’t received an invitation to participate in the survey, please email me: weidner@sju.edu.

If you aren’t a CHRO, please encourage your CHRO to look for the survey and complete it. Living wage policies and practices are an increasingly important subject that higher education institutions will likely need to address, either sooner or later – but we can’t learn about HR practices in higher education without your help!

Thank you!