Links and resources

A illustrative – not exhaustive – list of links and references to resources regarding living wage, living wage laws, and living wage policies.

Some useful living wage-related links

MIT Living Wage Calculator

U.S. Department of Labor | State Minimum Wage Laws

U.S. Department of Labor | State Minimum Wages for Tipped Employees

Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator

Some peer reviewed articles on living wages and the living wage movement

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Luce, Stephanie (2002) “The full fruits of our labor”: The rebirth of the living wage movement. Labor History, 43(4), 401-409.

Rossi, Michele M., & Curtis, Karen A. (2013). Aiming at half the target: An argument to replace poverty thresholds with self-sufficiency, or “living wage” standards. Journal of Poverty, 17(1), 110-130.

Smith, Laura. (2015, September). Reforming the minimum wage: Toward a psychological perspective. American Psychologist, 70(6), 557-565.

Some mass media articles about living wages and the living wage movement

Lam, Bourree. (2015, September 15). The living wage gap: State by state. The Atlantic. (interactive).

Quinton, Sophie (2013, March 25). The Trader Joe’s lesson: How to pay a living wage and still make money in retail. The Atlantic.

Murray, Bobbi. (2001, July 23). Living wage comes of age. The Nation.

Weissmann, Jordan (2013, July 16). McDonald’s can’t figure out how its workers survive on minimum wage. The Atlantic.