AASHE 2019 Slides & Worksheet

AASHE 2019 slides

As promised in today’s session, this file contains the AASHE 2019 handouts (as used); this file includes ALL builds (since there are a number of overlapping graphics), which makes this document lengthier than it would be otherwise.

AASHE 2019 Illuminating the Invisible – How Do Institutions Afford Social Sustainability? AS USED

AASHE 2019 worksheet

As described in today’s session, this is intended as thought-starter and discussion-starter.

AASHE 2019 Worksheet – Living Wage Policies in American Higher Education Institutions (Weidner justwage.org)

Thanks again to everyone who attended the session, and to all of the folks I met during the 2019 AASHE conference!