Last week of survey data collection

Thank you!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. This Friday – February 14 – is the last day to complete the survey. The last of the invitation reminders are being sent/received today. See my previous posts for both an overview of the data collection (two posts back) and the post of FAQs (the most recent post before this one).

As I’ve described, the idea is to obtain as much as a “census” as possible of living wage policies and practices in American higher education. Even if your institution has never considered a living wage policy or practice, that’s important data and will inform my results.

For institutions that don’t have a living wage policy or practice, the average survey completion time is well under 2 minutes; for that modest investment of time you’ll get the summary of preliminary results which I expect to have available in the latter half of March. That’s about 7 months before this research will appear in journals, articles, or at conferences.

I am so very appreciative of all of the CHROs, their staffs and/or their colleagues who have completed the survey I’ve been distributing since mid-December. This research can’t be completed without you!

Thank you again for your interest – and participation – in the Living Wage Policy Study.





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